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Week #4 – Being Independent

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These days the News channels are a constant source of a daily dose of doom. Everyday something is shown that’s making me question how are humans still surviving. Another source of gloom and doom.

However, this week I used the said gloom and doom to write a fictional short story. Although I really hope that the story remains fictional and does not become a reality. You can read the story here.

I left my job in June of 2019. This week my old manager contacted me out of the blue. Her message was short and sweet like her and it gave me much-needed motivation to keep going.

Every industry has its own lingo which we master no matter where we are working. Since leaving my industry I had not heard those terms. When she used the lingo it made me realise how long it has been since I even heard these particular terms. Earlier they used to be the most frequently used words in my vocabulary. Seems like I am moving on even if I don’t realise it.

This week I caught up on the new episodes for a few shows I follow. Sometimes I can binge-watch multiple seasons without a break while sometimes I miss watching even one weekly episode. But I have learnt to enjoy whatever pace I am currently in the mood for.

I am reading two books currently – ‘Everything is F*cked’ and ‘Atomic Habit’. Reading is slow but steady. These books will be finished soon. But I am already following some of the principles and its at least improving my journaling habit if nothing else.

Journal is becoming my new best friend and soulmate, basically everything. The depression and the bitterness I had been feeling for the last few weeks is still lingering. It’s getting better though. Life is after all the sine curve and the ups and downs are the part of it. The straight line represents death, not life.

Depression is also teaching me good things and making me a better person. I won’t be the same without it. This time it reminded me how fiercely independent I had always been. From a very young age I have been taking care of myself and I know I am capable of taking care of myself now as well. It doesn’t mean that I don’t need anyone. Instead, it just means that I am not dependent on anyone. I’ll get the required help without developing an unhealthy dependency on them.

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