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About Me

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to read. Every day, she would read stories and then make up her own stories and tell them to her dolls. The stories were not very good, or so her dolls told her. But she still kept spinning tales over the years.

Life took her on many adventures. She studied many courses and worked at different jobs. But her storytelling never stopped. Only now she didn’t even have her dolls.

Since she didn’t have anyone who would listen to her non-stop ramblings, she wrote them down and set them free into the void of the internet.

She wrote and self-published two short stories, Second Chance at Love and Second Chance at Marriage along with a collection of short stories from Hindu Mythology named Dashavatar via Amazon’s KDP platform.

Then one day she entered a short story competition by eShe magazine and her story ‘Memories Forgotten’ actually won. She could believe it at first. But when that story got published and the anthology Everything Changed After That was actually in her hands, she had to believe.

Now she had a new identity. She was officially a storyteller.

Her story doesn’t end here. Right now she is working on a fantasy fiction which she is planning to self publish in episodic format.

To be continued…

Divya Vartika

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