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Week #12 – Writers block? What Writer’s block? I don’t know any Writer’s block

And so starts my journey in denial mode. Well, to be honest with everything that’s currently happening in the world, I am not the only one who is in denial mode. At least my denial is not deadly.

So India is currently in lockdown for 21 days but who knows how long it will actually last. Lockdown has not really impacted much in my day to day routine. Even before lockdown I hardly used to leave the apartment, so not much has changed. But mental state is a whole other matter. Now it seems I am not the only one overthinking and fearing the unknown. It seems the entire world has suddenly decided to convert to panic mode. The scary part is that the panic seems the appropriate reaction. This time we are fearing something very real and very deadly. Thing is, we don’t even know when the situations will improve or what permanent changes it will bring. Because major changes are coming our way.

Amidst all this I keep getting a strange feeling that our world is actually a game simulation and the player responsible for us is losing badly.

Denying writer’s block for now is giving my mind required time and space to figure out what’s happening. I know I can’t change anything but I do need sometime to accept the new reality and world order.

Hope everyone reading this safe and if someone reads this post way beyond 2020, I really hope that things do get better.

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