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Week #11 – Writer’s block update

As promised, this week’s entry is about my writer’s block updates. Last week was so much better than the last. Whoever said that creatives need agony to create their best works probably had no idea about what they were talking about. Agony is not the most important ingredient for creativity. Rather it is the biggest hurdle. What helps any kind of creativity is a healthy and happy state of mind.

The clearer my head, the easier it is to write or rather create anything.

Coming back to my writer’s block and how I am doing. I started a very simple exercise. I took a post-it note and wrote numbers 1 to 30. Then I made my target to write 100 words on my current story every day. I could write more but never less than 100. I am using the NaNoWriMo website to track my daily word count.

So far I have been able to do this. On good days I have crossed 900 words and on bad days I have struggled to finish 100 but I am not breaking the chain. I know sooner or later I would miss a day or two. But I am ok with that. As long as I am seeing the final counter moving upwards I am ok with that.

Right now I am just trying to build inertia of motion. One small step each day. I am also making efforts towards keeping my mind in a healthy state. That helps more than anything else.

Now, while I was thinking about my writing struggles and what is my current challenge, I realised that it was one particular short story I was working on that led me on the road of writer’s block. Basically, I had the idea for a short story and I knew what happens in the beginning and how the story ends. But I just couldn’t think about how to connect the two ends. My story was missing the middle. This got me all gloomy-doomy and philosophical with life as well. I mean this is the story of my or anyone’s life as well right. We know the beginning (aka everything that has happened so far) and we know the ending (aka death). The struggle is the middle part. We don’t know how to write the middle part.

I know my thoughts are getting way too melodramatic. But that’s what you get when you read random ramblings of a writer.

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