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Yesterday was a big landmark for me. I participated in a short story writing contest conducted by the eShe magazine and my story was one of the 25 selected. These 25 stories are now part of a book called Everything Changed After That.

Yesterday was the book launch. And my god what an experience it was.

I was surrounded by such amazing women. Some of them had decades of writing experience, some were just starting out like me. Some were so young that I was feeling geriatric while others much older than me were making me feel like I am a child pretending to act like an adult.

My emotions were all over the place.

When I was still working, I always had someone to tell me what I needed to do and where exactly I was headed. The roadmap was clear. I knew what was required if I wanted that project/promotion/transfer or anything else.

When I started my writers journey, the road was not so clearly marked. I mean there were occasional roadsigns. But the path was kind of a lonely one. When I won this contest, it was a concrete milestone telling me I am on the right path at least.

And the best part was meeting 24 other writers on this particular milestone and finding amazing mentors.

After a long time I was not feeling lonely on my writers journey. I was surrounded by 24 strong women. Everyone is at a different stage in their own journey. But yesterday the launch was one milestone where we all were together. And we were being guided by wonderful mentors.

This experience is something that will actually change everything for me much like the title of the book. Mainly it’s changing my outlook towards my own capabilities and letting me know that I am not alone.

Sisterhood is the best feeling in the world.

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