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When Plans Don’t Go As PlanNed

Sometimes I make detailed plans and sometimes I plan to go with the flow. Neither has a guarantee to work. So the best thing to do is not to get hung up on plans. Rather that’s the only thing to do somedays. And not getting hung up is not that easy at times. No self-help or productive book ever prepares us for that.

But life prepares us for that. Or maybe accepting the uncertainty prepares us for the life.

Like everyone else I make a lot of plans. Long term plans. Short term plans. Annual plans. Quarterly plans. Monthly, weekly and daily plans. There are surely many kinds of plans. And many different ways for those plans to go haywire.

The only thing that’s consistent and predictable is that I don’t give up. Every time something happens to my plans I make new plans. And then those plans hit speed-brakes.

You know how the cycle goes.

Now I even have a recurring task to remind me to update my plans regularly. If you can’t fight something, you better embrace it.

So, when the plans don’t go as planned, just embrace it.

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