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Rainy Day and an overthinking mind

It was raining today. Such a weather is usually associated with romance and other mushy mushy feelings. But for me rains just mean puddles, mud and general gross feelings.

This is a big difference between me and my husband. Today when it started to rain, my beloved husband brought out his rain coat and took his cycle and went for a ride in rains. In rains. I know he loves going out in rains but it still surprises me. Maybe more years with him will make me immune but for now I will continue to wonder his love for rains.

This brings me to the overthinking part of my day.

Me and my husband are very different in many aspects. Like I am one of those who presses the toothpaste tube from the very end while my husband presses right in the middle. I can not stand getting wet in rains. I can enjoy rains only if I am safely indoors. While my husband starts craving going out as soon as it starts raining.

Despite these small differences, we both have some solid common foundations that hold us together. And the more I get to know him, the more I realise what are the things that matter and what are the superficial differences which make no major impact.

The more I am getting to know him, the better I am understanding myself. My own assumptions about romance and relationships are changing. I am beginning appreciate the moments when he is busy doing what he loves mainly because that give me time to do what I love. This is my favourite romantic thing we do together.

The picture perfect walking together in rains is not for us. And it’s perfect.

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