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Twilight and Joy of Reading

Everyone is a book lover. Those who say otherwise, have not found the right book yet!

I always believed in this statement but for a very long that’s all it was for me. Just a statement. When we see something happening right in front of us, there is no scope for any doubts. And that’s what happened to me in the third year of my college.

Remember my roommate who snatched away my Harry Potter book to force me to go attend my mid-term exam? Well, I saw her transformation from a non-reader to a fully formed book worm. Well, I saw her enjoy one series of books thoroughly and I sincerely hope that this experience made her love books a little bit more.

My roommate is THE BIGGEST Movie buff I know till date. I never met anyone else whose love for movies came anywhere close. Being her roommate, I often found myself watching movies I had never even heard of. She even made me watch movies in other languages and that too without subtitles. The best part was that I enjoyed every single one of the movies I watched with her. Either the movie would be too good or we would have too much fun making fun of the bad movies. And believe me, sometimes we would deliberately choose bad movies just so that we could get good laughs.

Coming back to the incidence that is currently making me very nostalgic and prompted me to write this particular post.

One day after classes and dinner, my roommate got me watching Twilight movie. We enjoyed the movie a lot. I loved the fantasy elements and she loved Robert Pattinson. After the movie, she went to sleep while I started browsing random things about Twilight. It was during this random search when I found out that the movie is based on a book and the book belongs to a trilogy.

Twilight Books Series

Well, that made the bookworm in me super excited. I quickly added the new books in my e-library. I started reading the first one right away. It was almost midnight when I started and I read the entire night. Staying up all night to read books isn’t too unusual for me even these days. Back in college, it happened way more than I care to admit.

My roommate woke up later than her usual time just around when I was finishing the book and preparing to get some sleep. But I did manage to tell her the exciting news that there is more Twilight story if she is interested. She might have screamed a bit too loudly cos the next thing I remember is girls from adjacent rooms coming to check if we were in any sort of danger.

I left her to deal with others and went to sleep not thinking much about our interaction. When I woke up I, she was still talking about Twilight. She asked me to tell her the story I read in the book. I told her all the differences in the book and the movie. She wasn’t too pleased. She wanted more. She assumed I had finished the second book since I already saw the first book in the movie format.

It was a really difficult conversation where I did all I could to convince her that any movie based on any book is never as good as the book itself. While I miserably failed to convince her, I did manage to convince her to read the second book together. I think she really loved the movie cos she actually agreed to read the second book with me.

That day itself we started reading the book. We would take a turn reading aloud. After every few pages or practically after every scene, we would stop and discuss. These discussions would soon turn in lively arguments. She got really emotionally involved with the story and the characters. I could practically see her getting sucked in the book.

But reading together was meant very slow progress. Most of the time we would be waiting for the other to get free. One day when I came back from my classes, I saw her reading the book without me. She said that she was so desperate to know what happened next that she just couldn’t wait for me any more. That made me so happy. I knew I could catch up to her in no time, but this new development meant that she is now loving reading the books too much to stop. That is the feeling I would get when I read and I loved seeing such a good friend experience the same.

There are a lot of people who loved Twilight and I think a lot more who absolutely hated the books and the movies.

I loved the books and I loved the movies as well. But what I loved the most was the fact that one of my closest friends found the joy of reading through these books. Any book that makes someone a reader is a good book in my opinion.

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