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Inertia of Rest and Inertia of Motion

Physics has many interesting concepts. One concept that has always fascinated me is the concept of Inertia. The idea that a body will stay in its current state unless an external force is applied to it was not something I could easily imagine. After all, everything that we see around us appears to behave differently. No ball keeps rolling forever. But when I understood the concept of fiction, it was like a magical moment and I could not stop seeing Inertia everywhere around us.

Now, as an adult, I see Inertia in many other hidden places. I saw Inertia of Rest when I used to spend days just binge-watching one thing after another. And I saw Inertia of Motion when I would work for almost 20 hours a day and barely rest.

In both the scenarios there would be some external change that would snap me out and force me to course correct.

The change that seems external works only when I notice it and when I basically let it work.

Like when I am in the cycle of working non-stop and neglecting my physical and mental well being, I stop only when I can no longer ignore the burnout symptoms.

So, how can we apply the principles of Inertia in our lives to find a balance between rest and work?

Well, that’s one question that I am still working on. Identifying a problem is the first step in any scenario. From there we can find a balance that works for us. Setting up just the right amount of force to keep us moving forward without burning us out.


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