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Mistborn Series And The Power of Endings

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I read the Mistborn series last year. Well, to be precise, I read the first trilogy of Mistborn series last year. The three books being – The Final Empire (Page count 541), The Well of Ascension (Page Count 590), The Hero of Ages (Page Count 572).

Now you must be wondering why did I mention the page counts for each of the books. Well, I did that to make a point. Brandon Sanderson is a great writer and an even greater teacher. He simply loves to write. This series, however, is probably one of the smallest series written by him based purely by page count. For instance, right now I am reading another series penned by him (Storm light Archives) where the average page count goes over 1000 pages.

Saying this I have to make one thing clear that his books are not for everyone. Certainly not for those who want a quick read. His books take time. The initial part of the book builds up the world, introduces the characters and takes its time to explain the magic system. So naturally, it’s slow and boring at times. The middle section moves at a good pace but it feels like it’s moving too slow if you know what I mean. It just feels like we can’t wait to find out what happens next. And then the final section comes and you fall in love with reading all over again.

Brandon Sanderson is the master of endings. His endings are so satisfying that all his sins are excused. He creates a wonderful world. Then sets up a big problem. Then when you get to the ending everything you thought should happen happens but not in the way you imagined. It’s even better.

Mistborn series follows this structure not just in the individual books but also in the series. The first book was slow and at times I felt like giving it up but the story always pulled me back. The ending was pretty great. The second book was really slow and super boring at times. I didn’t enjoy most of the book. It didn’t end the way I was expecting. It went in a completely different direction. I was kind of thrown off by the ending but it certainly made me start the third book right away (good thing I was reading an omnibus).

The third book is what redeems the series. It tied up all the loose ends and the ending itself was super epic. I can’t say any more without giving up major spoilers, but believe me, the ending is something that will make you feel like everything is right in the world again.

Brandon Sanderson’s books make me feel so many things. I feel probably all the emotions in a mood wheel. I feel scared, I feel my heart racing, I feel amazed. I also feel bored and sleepy at times. No feelings are prioritized over others.

I have also realized that my reading speed is inversely proportional to the number of pages remaining in any book. This is particularly true to Brandon Sanderson’s mega books. In any case, his books made me stop fearing the mega books. Now I am all set to read more 1000+ pages books anytime.

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