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Week #9 – One thing at a time

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I still don’t know what to make out of the last week. Thinking back, I don’t remember any big incident happening the last week and yet somehow things seem to have moved a lot. I guess its true that life happens when we are not looking.

Maybe my struggle to recap the week is partly because I completely stopped journaling by hand. Journaling helps me so much and yet I am not so regular with it. I am trying so hard to be regular with so many things at present. Maybe that’s the problem. I am trying too hard and I should take each day as it comes and I should just go with the flow. At least that way I will struggle a little less.

I have a story idea-generating factory inside my head. I create story ideas like my life depends on it. And I am really good at generating ideas. Unfortunately, I am equally bad at focusing on a project from start to finish. It’s not just with story ideas. Along with half-cooked writing projects, I have so many half-started projects. I enrol to online courses and then don’t finish them. I start all sorts of different kinds of challenges and then don’t finish them. I need to be more accountable. I was pretty good at finishing projects on time when I had teachers or bosses monitoring me. Now when I am free, I am more aware of my choices.

So, for this month, I picked a few writing projects and I am going to write stories for them until I finish them. They don’t have to be finished perfectly, they just have to be finished. I need to get into a habit of finishing before I begin to improve my skill. Otherwise, I will just be left with a lot of unfinished reminders of why my skill still sucks.

I need so much more patience to take one step at a time instead of standing at one place staring the goal which looks so far away at the moment.

It may seem that I am being too hard on myself but instead this is the structure I need to grow.

Coming back to this week, I did start the month with two stories dedicated to the selected series. I will keep posting more stories until those series are over and only then I’ll move on to the next projects. I need to see the finish line. I imagine it to be highly addictive and therapeutic.

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