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Week #10 – How to let writer’s block control your life

Not a fancy or SEO optimised headline but it certainly describes my life right now.

I have been struggling to write for a while now. I knew things were bad when I was not even able to write in my journal. Working on my book or other short stories is next to impossible right now.

When I am in a state opposite to writers block, I am constantly thinking about the story and the characters. I can visualise the scenes, I can hear the conversations and the scene practically writes itself. For the last few weeks I have not been able to think anything about the stories or the characters.

My mind has been on an overthinking marathon. There are many things that are making me anxious and I keep thinking about them. It gets really difficult to get out of that and think about anything else at all. So no stories, no characters. I feel weirdly lonely without them.

I don’t know if my mental state is causing my writers block or the block is pushing me to this state. Writing today’s post required so much pep talk from myself that I am already exhausted.

For those who thought I would give some magical cure for the dreaded writer’s block, I am so sorry. Life doesn’t work that way. Maybe by next week I will have a better control over my block and mental state. Or maybe next weeks post will also be a random rant about something.

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