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Week #1 : New Decade – New beginning

Writer's Journal - Week #1 : New Decade - New beginning

I am planning some fundamental changes in the new year. I don’t know why the advent of a new year or a decade brings out the desire of a fresh start.

This decade started when I was still at my entry-level position in my first job. Over the next few years, I left my job to get a post-graduation degree in MBA (Masters of Business Administration). Got another job. Moved to four different cities over the decade. I have lived with friends, spend years in a hostel, lived alone, then lived with my brother and now finally entered the new decade with my husband of less than a year. I left my job and for the first time taking a step to be self-employed.

The decade took its toll on my physical and mental health. It got worse before it started to get slightly better. I have a long way to go, however, the last decade showed me that I am always going somewhere even when it seems like I am stuck in one place.

Last year I finally took the plunge and decided to self-published two short stories on Amazon. It was to test the waters but a few days ago I received my first payment from Amazon. Money actually landed in my bank account. The amount is insignificant, but it meant something much deeper to me.

This gave me confidence that I can do it. I can make a living from home using only my laptop and internet connection. It feels freeing. I am no longer bound by location. I am free to live in any city with my husband. I don’t need to check if there are any companies which will hire me. I am aware that I am nowhere near contributing to the household but now I have found some way. And one day, I will. I only need to keep going. And I need to remember how important it is to enjoy the journey as well. After all, it’s the journey that is the best part. I am going to enjoy writing and then keep writing to make money.

While I was thinking about the last year and the last decade, my YouTube recommendations overloaded with decade analysis, goal setting and making vision board videos. No points for guessing how deeply I got sucked into the rabbit hole. But it did lead me to make my very own vision board. This was a first. I had made detailed goals and new year resolutions way too many times till now. It was my very first time to making a vision board, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now whether the vision board will be successful in keeping me on the path or not is a topic for later. Right now all that matters is that I enjoyed thinking where my life is heading towards and then making a vision board to include the most important things.

I did not make lofty goals like earning a certain amount of money or any such wild goals. Rather, I included things that matter to me and which are in my control. What this is doing is it’s keeping me accountable without overwhelming me so much that I get a panic attack.

In the last 10 days, I was travelling for six. So my writing started a few days back but I can certainly say that I started writing with greater gusto and a much more effective plan.

Now next week we will find out if I stayed on track or strayed away and need a course correction.

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