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Social Distancing

These are times when being a homebound introvert is a relief. Now I don’t have to come up with innovative excuses to avoid going to any social gatherings. Now I am not anti social but rather a responsible citizen.

All fun aside, social distancing has been on my mind a lot lately, for obvious reasons.

I am trying my best to be productive but it’s not easy keeping anxiety in check these days. I know I have always been an over thinker and I mostly think about different ways things can go wrong. But these days it seems like even my worst case imaginations were not as bad as what we are seeing on news every single day. That’s why I have been maintaining distance from news in format. I mean I do check news but I do that only once a day. I have decided not to get sucked in the negative news spirals. I am following same approach with social media too – just once a day in limited chunks.

Coming to reading and writing, I realised that I have been having reader’s block. I mean I am not able to get into any book lately. I am going from book to book looking for anything to hook me into it. Let’s hope I find one soon.

I love writing and have been writing fairly regularly lately. But I keep reminding myself that it’s okay to not write sometimes and that it’s okay not to be super productive in midst of a global pandamic.

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