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Managing my energy

Some days I sleep really well and wake up feeling full of energy. Throughout the day every activity I do either spends energy or adds to my energy reserves.

These days however I feel like there is a constant leak of energy. All the stress and anxiety related to the current pandemic causes the energy to leak out even when I am not doing anything. This leaves me with no energy to do other things. Not finishing things I wanted to finish further causes my energy levels to drop. Thinking about all this makes it even more difficult to sleep and recharge. So the next day I wake up with even less energy to begin with and then the cycle repeats.

I know that these are not normal times and focusing on productivity is probably the last thing I should think about. But I also know that I badly need to learn how to manage my energy better for the sake of my physical and mental health.

Right now I see two things I can try. I need to sleep better to recharge my energy levels better and then I need to stop the unexpected energy leaks. Both of these are not simple although I think that distancing from all forms of media might help.

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