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Magical power of words

I read a lot. And I read on every possible medium. Physical books, eBooks, Audiobooks, you name it and I have consumed one or the other book in that medium. Rather I have too many devices around me to ensure that I have something to read where ever I go and when ever I get an opportunity.

Today I got one such oppertunity and I wasted no time before starting reading on my phone. Kindle app is a blessing for me.

Interesting part is not that I started to read. Interesting part is what I was feeling while reading.

Books have a power over me. They make me feel things which I can’t describe but which every book lover would understand.

I have cried way too many times reading emotional scenes that now I am not even surprised. But today I was reading an action scene with swords and fighting and everything related. And that’s when I realised how fast my heart was beating, how my hands were shaking while scrolling on my phone and how involved I was feeling. I never felt so much anxiety while reading fiction.

Words have magical effect on me. Maybe that’s where the entire concept of spells and chants originated.

Whatever the reason maybe. I realised that it doesn’t matter where I am sitting or how much noise is around me or rather what everyone else is doing around me. A good book still has power to initiate physical changes in my body.

Words are the ultimate power in my opinion.


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