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Bright Star and Re-reading

Bright Star - Book Review

It’s no secret that I love reading. And I don’t just read books. My love for stories takes me to many different apps. One such app was Inkitt. What feels like a long long time ago I got this lovely app on my phone to read some stories while I was stuck in day-long boring meetings.

Don’t let my ex-bosses know, but I actually read a lot during many useless meetings.

Coming back to Inkitt – I found a really interesting story over there called Bright Star by Erin Swan. This story hooked me right from the first chapter. It had everything I loved. A girl with really abused past. A hero whose first appearance is while killing the man who is abusing the girl. And there are dragons. I love dragons.

It was a longish book and I usually don’t read very fast on my phone screen. But it didn’t take me long to finish this book. The story was really gripping.

But my story with the book didn’t end here. After almost two years I got a notification from the author that Bright Star was picked by a publisher and was to be professionally published. I was so happy for the author as well as the story.

It was almost a year later when the book was finally available for purchase. I quickly got the ebook version and literally gobbled up the book in no time.

The author had mentioned that there would be changes in the story so I was expecting that. Some changes I loved. They made the story that much better for me. Some changes took out my favourite portions but I will still have my memories.

Overall, It was a great experience to read a book in its initial stages and then see it get updated and launched in the world.

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