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A Little Princess and what it means to be good

There are some books that you love without any reason. And that is the purest kind of love. When there is a reason to love, there is a chance that we might stop loving once that reason is not true. But in the absence of a reason, to begin with, there is no chance of fading love.

My love for this book – A Little Princess – can be described in that particular fashion.

I was in school when I first read this book. It wasn’t even my copy. It belonged to my best friend. Over the years, she lent me this book many times. Every time she would wonder how many times I am going to read it. Many years after finishing school, I realized how mesmerizing I still found this book. Soon, a copy was added in my bookshelf.

This is the story of a young girl Sara Crewe and her life in the boarding school. I am not sure what attracted me more – her princess-like status while her rich father was alive or the courage she showed when her father’s death left her with nothing.

This is not a usual rag to riches story that inspires people. It is the story of humility that this young girl had, both when she was rich and more so when she was poor.

A rich man giving food to hungry is an admirable act. But what would you say when you see a poor young girl – who is starving herself – giving a share of her food to someone else? That is pure goodness.

It is easy to be good when everything is in our favour. When things are difficult, we often find it easy to choose the wrong path. Forget about the wrong path, even the simplest act of smiling becomes difficult when we are ourselves going through a rough time.

What is even more incredible that Sara is just a child in this book. There is no one to help her or guide her during her difficult times. When she lost her father, there was no positive influence in her life. But even then, she knew the difference between right and wrong.

This makes me wonder if we inherit goodness or can it be taught?

Even after so many years, this remains my comfort book. This is the book I start flipping through whenever I am feeling down. It just gives me a good dose of positivity whenever I need it.


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