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What I learnt about learning

I leant that learning is part of life long ago. At no stage or age one can say that they don’t have anything more to learn. I also realised that the more I learn the more I realise how much I don’t know. It’s like I learn one thing and that opens a new door which leads me down a path where I see so many things I have no clue about.

This is the fun part of life for me. Learning keeps me sane. Learning helps me manage so many emotions which I am sure I couldn’t have done otherwise.

The best part is that I am alive at a time when learning is so easily available. As long as I have a internet connection, I have access to any kind of learning resource I might ever need. This is indeed an amazing time to be alive since I am fortunate enough to have easy access to any learning material I might need.

Learning takes different forms for me. Like for some topics I prefer watching YouTube videos while for others I love to read the books. I learn many other things from the questions people ask on Facebook groups. There is just no one way to learn anymore. And this is the beauty of it.

Every person learns in a different way. Some learn better by watching while others need audio instructions while they perform the task themselves. Whatever the need may be, internet has something for every one.

We just need to bring the hunger to learn.

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