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What confidence means to me

I watch a lot of TV shows. Rather I must say that if I love a show, I watch it again and again. Most of these shows are full of characters who have abilities I would love to have. And I am not talking about supernatural abilities alone. Although have superpowers would be awesome. But here I am talking about abilities like being able to talk super effectively with everyone.

You know those kinds of scenes when a character enters and he/she is absolutely sure of what they should be doing and they can smoothly convince everyone around them to go along with the plan. In most episodes the plan backfires but the character is still super confident. And I always wonder how do they stay confident all the time.

I mean that something I have dreamt of for a long time. To be confident about everything all the time. But the more I think about confidence, the more it appears to be a superpower like a mind-reading.

Over time my understanding of confidence has changed. Being confident is no longer about knowing all the right answers. Rather, now I strongly believe that being confident is about being prepared to handle the consequences no matter what they are.

Its trusting your ability to adapt yourself. The more I think about it more sense it makes. I mean we do not have control over external circumstances. We can not absolutely predict how things will turn out to be. But if we know that no matter what the external circumstance be, I will still stay calm and happy, then that makes my actions full of confidence.

So being confident is about focusing on the actions we can take and not worry about the consequences that are not in our control. Not worry about what others are going to think. Not worrying about impressing anyone. Just simple doing things I want to do and not worry about giving any explanations to anyone.

Doing anything and everything for the audience of one – self.

Confidence means being at peace with oneself.

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