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Patience is such a simple word. In our life, we come across so many incidences when we have to use this simple word.

Have Patience!!!

We say this to others. We hear it ourselves. But do we actually understand Patience and why exactly is it required.

The basic summary is that we need Patience for anything and everything. Right from the morning cup of coffee to making our breakfast to the dreaded commute to work, nothing can be done without Patience.

We all understand the delays and every day we find ourselves waiting for something or the other. That is not a question here. We all wait.

Patience refers to HOW we are waiting. Are we calm? Do we get agitated?

When we say that we just need some Patience, what we are essentially saying is that we need to wait with a better attitude.

There are very few occasions where attitude doesn’t matter much. Waiting is not one of those.

We need the Patience to grow as a person. We need the Patience to recover from sickness. No matter how much we try, the wound will take its own time to heal.

So, the next ingredient is Acceptance.

To wait gracefully, we need to have an attitude of acceptance. Then only we can have Patience.

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