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Infinite Lives


I just finished reading a book called Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It had a very interesting concept. At least very interesting for me.

It talks about the parallel universe and all the possible lives we could be living in them. Every decision creates a new life and takes us on a different path.

So in a different life I would have taken up a different course in college, or maybe I worked in a different field, or something else might have changed my life from what it is today.

But I would never know. I would never find out what other possibilities were there. I can always imagine how my life would be if I changed just one thing from my past. But that’s just my imagination. I have no way to know if what I am imagining would actually happen, even if I choose a different path all those years ago.

We experience only one reality. Before we choose a path, every reality is possible. But as soon as I take a step, I can experience only the consequences of the path I choose.

This is both freeing and terrifying at the same time.

What we need to remember is the fact that the present moment is the only one where we have any control. This is the only moment where we can actually decide and change the course.


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