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2021 Reading Wrap-up

I planned to read 50 books this year. But ended up reading 65 books. Out of these 65 books 39 were Fiction and 26 Non-Fiction. This is usual for me. I always read more fiction than non-fiction. Although last few years, I have been reading more non-fiction than I used to.

My Most Loved Books for 2021

Of all the books I read, there are some which make me laugh, make me cry or just make me change my life.

Grishaverse Series

This is probably a first for me when I watched a TV show and loved it so much that I just had to check out the book series and then love the series as well.

I rave about this series in following posts –

Unexpected Love at First Read

I had read Andy Weir’s books before. I loved his style in The Martian. Not so much in Artemis. So honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from ‘Project Hail Mary’. But I am so glad I ended up reading this book.

Check out my detailed review below

The second Love at First Read was the lovely book ‘The Midnight Library’. It was not a surprise that I would read a book about a library of life. But I was surprised by how much this book affected me.

Books that left me speechless

There are two books which I read just on a whim. I had no expectations. I didn’t think much while picking up these books. But these two books made such a deep impact on me that I am still processing my feeling. Once I do that, I know I am going to write detailed reviews for them. For now, I am still a bit speechless to say anything more about them.

Non-Fiction Books that Changed my Life

I rarely rave about non-fiction books. But then occasionally I come across some books that change me in one way or another.

How to Take Smart Notes

I have been a long time reader. Over the years, I have consumed hundreds of books. But recently I have been wondering how much do I actually remember. Even for fiction, I don’t remember the story I read two decades ago.

I came across this book about taking detailed notes. Although this book focuses more on note taking for academic researchers, I found anyone can adapt the techniques.

In short, this book changed my knowledge management system and now I take notes whenever I read anything at all.

Happy by Derren Brown

This is a book about life. It changed my perspective on so many things. Basically, this book taught me the philosophy of happiness. It made me question so many beliefs I have collected all my life.

That said, this is certainly not an easy read. This book took me months to finish. It is a long and dense read. Definitely not for faint of hearts.

Bird by Bird

I have read many books to improve my writing, and I have learnt a lot from each one of them. Yet this particular book stands apart from every writing craft book.

Anne Lamott has such an amazing voice that makes this book so much fun to read. She taught me without making me feel like I am learning. And she taught me about life.

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