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Taking Life too Seriously

Lately I have been feeling that I take everything way too seriously and while it is not necessarily a bad thing, I tend to forget the fun aspect of it.

Take this blog for instance. I started this site because I enjoyed writing and thought it would be a good way to write consistently and improve my skills on the way.

But last couple of months I have been taking it way too seriously and worrying too much about the categories and theme and stats. In all of this worrying I just forgot the fun of writing and posting anything I want. I forgot that is website is my little baby. I might want it to grow and become a great success but ultimately I have to enjoy the present moments. I can’t smother it with my expectations like some parents tend to smother their children.

When my brother and I talk to our parents about our childhood, we end up discussing the memories and not useless stats like how much I scored in a geography test in 7th grade.

A decade from now when I will think back about this website, I won’t think about the color scheme. Rather I would remember how it made me feel on the days when I was feeling low and then I poured out my heart and wrote a post and then I started feeling better.

I need to remember that I am allowed to make mistakes – both on my blog and in my life. On the larger scheme of things, these mistakes won’t even matter.

I have no point to make in this post. I have no great wisdom to share. I am just being selfish and writing this post because I want to. And because I can.

This little privilege that my life gives me, this is what I should remember. My life is already good. I don’t need to keep worrying to make it perfect.

Perfection is the root cause of dissatisfaction.

Perfection is what makes me take everything way too seriously.

Perfection is what I need to forget.

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