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One Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Like every year I have been getting many messages on WhatsApp,Facebook and every other way messages can be shared these days. All the messages were practically were the same.

Some congratulated me on my strength, some compared me to superheros while some applauded me for the different roles a woman has to play in her personal and professional life.

They all felt so fake.

One day in the year women are kept on a pedestal and rest of the year no one even remembers that we are humans too. Actually they are not treating us like humans today as well are they?

I have very strong feelings towards Woman’s Day. I know its strange but I have similar feelings towards Mother’s Day, Daughter’s Day, Valentine’s Day and basically every other designated “Day”.

Why do we have a designated day to celebrate women? Doesn’t it defeat the whole purpose of equality?

And why did the need arise to recognize women in the first place. It was because of the sexist and misogynistic views of the patriarchal society.

But now the Woman’s Day has become another day to forward cool sounding messages or impressive pictures. Unfortunately Woman’s Day also provide a lot of fodder to Memes and Jokes Factory.

This is done by the same lot who have twisted the meaning of feminism and made it a label to be used whenever any woman or man says anything about equality.

The way to bring equality is not through such designated days and meaningless celebrations. Respect is given year round and should not be reserved for one day in the year.

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