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Short Story – Stupid Shoes

Featured Image Stupid Shoes

“… And then she brought out those stupid shoes. What else was I supposed to do? She knows how much I hate those shoes. Well, they all know by now. And yet she brought out those stupid shoes. Like I would think of wearing them to another ball ever. I don’t know what happened but the next thing I know is that I was slapping that poor girl.”

“Well, from what I heard, you were beating the poor girl with those stupid shoes. By the time she was rescued, she had a bloody nose and multiple broken ribs. Do you still think there is nothing to discuss here?”

“What do you want to discuss? I got angry and I reacted badly. End of story.”

“Doesn’t seem like it. You have been in therapy for a long time now. And yet you haven’t talked about what happened in the first place to make you feel so strongly against some simple shoes.”

“Those are not some simple shoes. Those are the stupid-evil shoes that ruined my life.”

“Well, that’s a serious accusation on a pair of shoes. Why don’t you tell me exactly what happened and then we will discuss if they really ruined your life.”

“You want the entire scoop then. All right. I’ll tell you exactly what happened.”

“It all happened when I was still living with my stepmother and stepsisters. They were mean and made me do all the household chores. Work was not too bad. I just craved a break from time to time. On the day of the ball, all I wanted was to take a break from the chores, just get dressed up and go to a party and enjoy for some time. Then came my fairy godmother claiming to change my life forever. That she certainly did. But not in the way I wanted.”

“She transformed my old clothes to a fancy party gown and used odds and ends from around the house to arrange for transportation. When all was ready then she brought out those stupid shoes. I don’t know why didn’t she change my existing shoes into something pretty as she did with my dress. Why did she give me those stupid shoes?”

“What was wrong with the shoes?”

“Everything. They were made of fucking glass. Do you have any idea how hideous your feet would look smushed inside transparent glass shows? Well, let me just say that she had to give me shoes at least two sizes too big for me just so that it would make my feet look pretty. Then there was absolutely no grip on the soles of the shoes. So I had to go to a ball and dance while wearing two sizes bigger slippery shoes. Do you have any idea how difficult that can be? It’s ridiculous.”


“And it didn’t get better. I finally managed to get out of the ballroom to find a place to sit and rest my feet and the stupid prince followed me everywhere. He just couldn’t take a hint that I was not interested in him.”

“When it was midnight and I knew I had to leave so that I could reach home before my stepfamily arrives, I dropped one of those stupid shoes somewhere. I didn’t even bother to find those. Rather when I reached home I thought that my ordeal was finally over. I was actually looking forward to my daily chores. The party was THAT bad for me.”

“This is bad but not ruin your life bad enough.”

“Oh, the story is not over yet. The creepy prince found the shoe and then traced me to my home. There he declared that he found a bride for himself. All of a sudden I was supposed to marry a creepy prince with stalker tendencies.”

“No one bothered to ask me what I wanted. Everyone simply assumed that I would be more than happy to marry a prince. Well, I didn’t want to marry a prince. And not a creepy one certainly. Who in their right mind decides to marry someone they have known for barely a few hours? But I am the one who needs therapy for her anger issues when I overreact whenever I see those stupid shoes. Nonsense.”

“Well, I honestly don’t know what to say anymore.”

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