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Short Story – He Said… She Said…

Featured Image He Said She Said

H – I saw you in the church.

S – Well duh!!! We just came back from Tina’s funeral. We were both in the church.

H – No I mean I saw you before the service started. Before anyone came. When you were talking to her.

S – Ohh

H – Yeah

S – So??

H – So nothing. Just wanted to let you know

S – Hmm

H – Hmm

S – Do you still miss her?

H – Don’t you?

S – I don’t think I will ever stop missing her. She always was a part of me you know. I think its a twin thing.

H – Twin thing?

S – Whatever. I can still miss her. She didn’t hurt me after all.

H – Oh really! She didn’t hurt you. I think she hurt you the most.

S – What do you know about it? And how did she hurt me the most? She left you at the altar.

H – Well that was different.

S – How was that different? She ran away with someone else on the day you both were supposed to get married.

H – We still don’t know that for sure. She may have been kidnapped or something.

S – Oh my God. Are you serious? Do you still believe that?

H – Well

S – Cops showed you the CCTV recordings. She got in the car on her own. No one forced her.

H – Well he might not have had a gun but he could have forced her in another way.

S – You know you are living in a delusion right

H – How can you be so sure? She is dead. She died before she could explain anything.

S – So that’s what it is? You are still waiting for an explanation?

H – Well yes. I mean if she was planning to run away then why was she planning the wedding anyways. Why was she going all over the city meeting caterers and decorators? Why do all that and then run away? Do you have any answer?

S – You may not like what I know.

H – Just tell me. I have waited for her to explain for a long time. ANd not she is not going to answer.

S – The entire town knew that she was cheating on you. She never tried to hide it anyways. And her wedding preparations – well that was just her one last attempt to spend YOUR money. She was using all your cards, right?

H – Yeah

S – Well then what do you think now? Still waiting for her answers?

H – I know she made a fool out of me. I always knew but some part of me was still holding on to love.

S – Love is a funny thing.

H – You can say that.

S – She never deserved your love.

H – She wasn’t always like this. She loved me too. At least in the beginning.

S – Really?

H – I still have her letters. Her words. The emotions she displayed. No one can fake that.

S – I can’t believe you still don’t know.

H – Don’t know what?

S – Whats the point digging the past now.

H – No tell me. Her letters are the only thing that makes any sense to me. If there is something about them then I need to know. I just need to know.

S – Well. You mentioned her words in the letter. Have you ever seen her use such words in person? Or describe her emotions elegantly?

H – No. Never.

S – Then?

H – So she didn’t write those letters. That was a lie too. Another betrayal.

S – Well, actually that was not entirely her fault. Did she ever tell you that she wrote those letters? Or did you just assume on your own that those love confessions were from her?

H – …

S – …

H – You wrote those letters didn’t you?

S – Yes genius. I wrote you those letters. I was in love with you.

H – Why didn’t you tell me?

S – You came home for our first in-person date and she opened the door and you just assumed that it was her. You didn’t even think about me. We were best friends forever but when it came to love you assumed that it was her and not me.

H – I don’t know what to say now.

S – Why did you choose her over me? Was she prettier? We were identical twins but she was more fashionable and looked way better than me. Was that your preference?

H – I am still trying to remember that day.

S – Well I can’t forget that day no matter what. And believe me, I have tried a lot.

H – I should have known that it was you and not her. I mean how could I have thought for a second that she would write letters. I am so sorry. I am so so sorry.

S – Well, you should be sorry.

H – That’s why you stopped talking to me. And then moved across the country? To be away from me? Away from us?

S – Now you are figuring out things quickly and it took you ages to figure out that she was cheating on you.

H – I really messed it all up didn’t I?

S – I told you nothing good comes out when we go digging into the past.

H – I hurt you a lot. Can you ever forgive me?

S – You did hurt me. But it was a long time ago. I have moved on. And I forgave you when I saw how much she was hurting you.

H – Is it too late to ask for another chance?

S – It’s too late and then some.

H – It wasn’t my fault. She tricked me.

S – She tricked you into that first date. But everything that happened after that first date was your choice as well. She didn’t trick you into proposing to her. She didn’t trick you into falling in love with her. You should have realised that she was not the girl who wrote you those letters. It wasn’t even that difficult. Her handwriting was way too different.

H – I didn’t want to see what was right in front of me.

S – You never did see what was right in front of you.

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