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Life is unpredictable

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My first attempt at Flash Fiction

I usually sleep till late on Sundays. My husband wakes up mostly close to noon. But today several voices woke me up very early. As I turned, I realized my husband was not next to me.

The voices were coming from the next room. My mother-in-law is also awake, and they are talking to someone on the phone.

I was still in my sleepy haze state when I heard that the relative who was diagnosed yesterday was no more. No one could believe it. He hardly showed any symptoms, and none were serious enough to get him a bed in the hospital.

That was the thing with this disease. No one knew how fast it might progress. No one knew much about this disease, not even after all these years.

By evening I got a similar call about another relative. I was still not used to these calls, no matter how many I get. There are some things we are not supposed to get used to.

At night I was sitting at my desk typing a story I have been meaning to write for a long time. My husband came and asked me to rest a little.

He said I could finish the story tomorrow.

I told him tomorrow is not guaranteed as I show him my diagnosis report.

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