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Weekly Quote #3

You cant go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

Story of our life need not have started the moment we were born. Maybe it started centuries ago with our ancestors. Something might have happened to someone long ago and that might have had an impact on the circumstances on our birth. Like my grandfather ran away from his home in a small village and moved to a bigger town so that he could get a chance to study. He struggled a lot but his struggle had a direct impact on my father’s life and then it made my life that much easier. My story may have started when my grandfather chose to study or maybe even before that. I have no control over the beginning of my story.

Similarly, my story won’t end the moment I die. Like my grandfather’s story didn’t end the moment he died. His story continues until there is someone who still thinks about him. Maybe one day will come when there won’t be anyone in this world who will remember him anymore. But what he did until the moment he died had a significant impact on how his story will end.

What I am doing today might change how my story ends.


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